HipsterBox App Bewertungen

Sein Geld nicht Wert!

Es macht ein paar schöne Effekte aber dieses App speichert dann die Fotos nicht!

Bestimmt nicht hip(ster)

Eher Schrott. Langsam, unübersichtlich, umständlich und fehlerhaft. Außerdem nur quadratische Bilder möglich. Kann man sich sparen.

New version is great

Now I see that this is great app. New version is awesome!


Tired of instaclons. This one isn't bad.

Not bad!

Simple and good. Thanks!

Very good

Many filters- I like it!


Nothing special.

I love it but the only way to save is a. Screenshot


This app is not worth your time. It has great ways to edit, but you can't save any pictures. It's a waste of time.

Can't save images

Don't get it. What's the point?


Um it doesn't let me save pictures


It doesn't give me the option to save the pic?




This app is horribleeeeeeeeee!!!! I wast 0.99 in a app that have very contrasty filters that i see millions of time ,,, they are not unique or original ;(

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